Economic Development of Kosciusko County

Why Kosciusko County, Indiana?

  • Within The Crossroads
  • Great Quality of Life – 100 Lakes in the County
  • January 2011 cost of living index in Kosciusko County: 81.9 (U.S. average is 100)
  • Warsaw is the Orthopaedic Capital of the World
  • Low Crime Rate
  • Highly Skilled Workforce of the Future
  • United Community Leadership
  • Global Companies-Global Leadership
  • Global Leader in Innovation
  • Entrepreneurals of History & Culture
  • World Renowned Research & Development Centers
  • Philanthropic Community
  • Geographically Central Located Nationally & Globally

Kosciusko County is a global leader in attractive industries.  We can leverage that position for even greater success—but not without a plan and a comprehensive effort.

  • Our four-pronged strategic plan starts with “retention.”  We believe that if we focus on understanding the needs and challenges of existing local business, we can help those companies thrive.
  • The second part of our plan is “expansion.”
  • “Attraction” is the next element in our strategic plan.
  • Finally, the fourth element of our plan, “Innovation,” must be woven throughout everything we do.  Maintaining and inspiring a local culture of innovation can keep local companies competitive and attract investment from outside our community.