Economic Development of Kosciusko County


Business Retention and Workforce Development Committee

KEDCo’s number one mission is the retention and expansion of businesses currently located in the County. This involves outreach to companies, learning the challenges that affect their profitability, success or expansion potential. Analyzing those needs across the county and then prioritizes issues that the organization will tackle, will form collaborative efforts to solve, or will refer to other agencies and organizations. The committee regularly discusses the issues facing our existing employers and monitors our efforts to work toward solutions. It serves as a collaborative platform involving numerous local and state organizations. This committee oversees our number one priority on workforce development and talent attraction.

Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee continually evaluates the needs of the County for up-to-date infrastructure with adequate capacities to meet the needs of our employers, employees and citizens. It has a mix of public officials and department heads, privately operated utilities representatives, and business representation. The committee recommends to our Board of Directors initiatives needed to improve the utilities available to meet the community’s needs. Recently, it has taken on the number two challenge of KEDCo: to create an inventory of market-rate affordable workforce housing in order to retain and attract the needed talent to the community.

Marketing and Attraction Committee

The Marketing and Attraction Committee overseas the media presence of the organization and reviews the organization’s media on a regular basis to make certain it is current and provides the necessary information needed by our existing businesses and companies we may want to attract to the county. It reviews and helps create all marketing and advertising materials for the organization and evaluates their effectiveness. Other committees often refer needs they have for marketing to this committee to develop marketing strategies.

Small Business and Entrepreneur Committee

The Small Business and Entrepreneur Committee provide a collaborative platform for the organizations in the county with programs in this area. The services available locally, statewide and federally are reviewed so that the organization can make effective referrals to public enquiries for assistance. The committee sponsors the programs of the Small Business Development Center in our region and provides feedback on its program effectiveness. The committee provides an ability for the creation of joint activities of the organizations involved in these areas and lends support to those efforts. Its membership is a combination of service providers and small businesses.


Each of our committees annually review their past year accomplishes as determined by achieving committee established metric measures of activities. The committee then sets its metric goals for the upcoming year.

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