Kosciusko County Still Growing Strong

The Kosciusko County economy is still growing strong according to current data from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. “We are seeing our total employed numbers continuing to increase to their highest levels in the history of the County,” noted George Robertson Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation President.

Labor Force Trends Kosciusko County
2015 to 2017
Kosciusko County Growing GraphKosciusko County Growing Chart

So why is our unemployment rate going up with more people employed? First, the County has experienced strong population growth. We also asked Greg Vollmer, Regional Director of WorkOne and his answer was, “We are seeing many people who dropped out of the workforce returning.”

“All of this is good news for our economy,” said Robertson. He noted that this means increases in tax collections, retails sales, and a better quality of life for our residents.