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Grace College

Videographer/Assistant Photographer

Scope of Responsibilities:
Responsible for coordinating the production of video programs – including scriptwriting, shooting, editing, and final format authoring to promote and align brand messaging across Grace College, Grace Theological Seminary, and Grace Online.

General Responsibilities:
1. Manage the video creation process from concept mapping and planning to deliverable video with little guidance.
2. Create thoughtful and compelling content for multiple departments on campus: Marketing, Advancement, Admissions, Administration, Academics and Student Affairs, to be utilized on various platforms and through multiple channels.
3. Exercise flexibility by capturing footage for videos and photography outside of typical office hours as needed.
4. Demonstrate proficiency with Canon and Sony DSLR cameras.
5. Well-versed with the following video editing software: Adobe Create Cloud, Premiere Pro and After Effects.
6. Display proficiency with Lightroom and Photoshop for photo editing.
7. Exhibits working knowledge of lighting and audio techniques.
8. Able to manage photos, video libraries and assets.
9. Possess a knack for evaluating video analytics from social media and other digital media sources to make data-driven decisions for evolving and optimizing the impact of our work.
10. Manage multiple projects at once, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders.

1. A bachelor’s degree in videography, film, or other related field.
2. At least two years of prior experience with video production.
3. Interpersonal skills – ability to work in a team environment and communicate effectively.
4. Strong Christian faith, commitment, and volunteer service experience.

Grace College
Job Title
Videographer/Assistant Photographer
Winona Lake
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