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Hurricane Boats

Assembler: Hull/seam 4544, 4546, 4549, 4553

Position Overview
Helms-Dashes is responsible for assembling and installing helms and dashes for each boat.  This includes assembling helm panels, installing steering heads, key switches, locks, shifters, and finger pulls per job order, and making sure each dash is made with correct rigging with all options on job traveler.

Essential Job Functions
* Knowledge of installing shifters and helms/dashes
* Knowledge of air and hand tools such as screw guns, drills, sanders, grinders, and saws
* Able to read and use a tape measure efficiently
* Have basic knowledge of the computer

Non-essential Job Functions
* Team building
* Must be a great problem solver
* Communicate well with others
* Keep work area organized and clean

Hurricane Boats
Job Title
Assembler: Hull/seam 4544, 4546, 4549, 4553
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