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Kosciusko Medical Group

Certified Medical Assistant

1____ Accesses comprehensive medical history in the electronic medical record system prior to visit. Greets patients utilizing AIDET and escorts patient to exam room.
2____ Patient Assessment/Documentation
1. Makes objective assessment of patient needs.
2. Administers care in a logical, accurate manner obtaining history, vital signs, reviewing medications, making observations and displaying competency in caring for infants, children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients as necessary.
3. Documents chief complaints and all other pertinent information in the AMR.
4. Notifies provider the patient is ready for their visit and when necessary gives brief overview of patient status.
5. Assists physician with examination and procedures.
3____ Care of Patient
1. Appropriately administers IM, ID, SQ injections and oral medications as requested by the provider.
2. Documents accurate medication administration, transmits medication refills. Explains prescribed medication and care plans to patients.
3. Maintains accurate records of sample medications, patient telephone calls and medical reports in the patient’s electronic medical record.
4. Performs Medicare Wellness Visits on eligible patients. Provides thorough review of patient’s health, along with education and counseling about the preventive services offered.
5. Demonstrates ability to multi-task and prioritize, performing duties in a timely, efficient and accurate manner.
4____ Communication of laboratory and imaging results
1. Interpretation of lab and imaging results.
2. Contacts patient regarding laboratory and imaging results.
3. Educates patients on results and makes any necessary follow-up appointments as requested by provider.
5____ Provides and explains educational materials to patients such as diet sheets, exercise guidelines and disease process information as directed by physician.
6____ Management of Information
1. Communicates effectively with and acts as a liaison between the patient, their family, the provider and hospital personnel.
2. Schedules follow up appointments for patients according to established protocols.
3. Schedules procedures, tests and ancillary services as directed.
4. Obtains pre-certification and pre-authorization as applicable.
5. Performs the following clerical duties:
1. Files medical reports in appropriate medical record as applicable.
2. Possesses and utilizes professional telephone techniques by answering telephone promptly; handling or directing calls appropriately and taking accurate telephone messages. Answers and triages telephone calls and documents contents of calls.
• Fills out required forms for various procedures such as Consent to Treat, ABN’s, etc.
7____ Restocks supplies and equipment:
1. Cleans equipment after use, prepares instruments for sterilization as applicable.
2. Strips and cleans tables and work areas after use. Completes daily cleaning logs.
3. Appropriately disposes of soiled linens and waste.
4. Alerts manager of defective supplies and equipment.
5. Pharmacy items.
6. Clinical supplies.
7. Narcotic counts.
8____ Maintains proficiency in special procedures where applicable, including but not limited to audiometric screening, Titmus vision screening, pulmonary function testing, EKG, BAT, vasectomies, paps, treadmills, lab related duties (see attached), inoculations, excisional biopsies, CPR and AED use.
9____ Adheres to our confidentiality policy which includes verbal, written, computer generated, computer accessed and recorded information to patients and their family members. Reviews applicable ROI (Release of Information) form prior to discussions with someone other than the patient. Is responsible for protection of confidentiality of data at all times.
10____Demonstrates and understands the importance of all staff members being prepared to take on additional duties or relinquishing existing duties in order to maintain efficient running of the practice. The Office Manager reserves the right to re-distribute duties and functions among staff members.


1. Works in a safe manner and follows all system, hospital and office safety requirements.
a. Reports all incidents (patient and self), near misses and adverse events. Reports and identifies any quality or safety issues to ensure that feedback and input needed for process improvement is communicated to management
2. Must complete all required courses through the ALC (Advanced Learning Center) by due dates as required by employer.
3. Attends required meetings and participates in team assignments as required.
4. Maintains electronic medical record system and patient files, scans records, copies and faxes records as directed, prepares appropriate forms for visits as needed.
5. Follows down time procedures utilizing handwritten forms and schedules to continue to accommodate patients.
6. Identifies situations requiring further investigation, resolving problems as they arise.
7. Demonstrates behaviors reflecting values of trust, quality, flexibility and teamwork in all job related functions.
8. Maintains a neat, clean and organized work area.
9. Assists with the closing and securing of the building at the end of the working day.
10. Protects patients and employees by adhering to infection-control and hazardous waste policies and protocols and maintaining a clean working environment.
11. Perform other duties as assigned.
12. Assures protection and privacy of health information as attained through written, electronic or oral disclosure.
13. Some exposure to blood and bodily fluids: Exposure Control Level II.
14. The associate will hold in confidence any and all patient information
a. communicated or stored using any medium including oral communication.
b. In addition, the associate will seek to protect patient information from inadvertent
c. use or disclosure by adhering to hospital policies.


Education and Formal Training Required:
Must have successfully completed course work necessary to take certification test to obtain CMA/RMA.
Must maintain CPR certification. If not certified prior to employment, employer will certify as part of orientation.
Experience Required:
Prior medical office experience preferred, but not required.
Licensure Required:
Must hold a valid and current CMA/RMA certification.
Working Conditions:
Normal office environment with little exposure to excessive noise, dust and temperature extremes. Some exposure to wind, rain and snow when driving between Kosciusko Community Hospital/KMG locations.

Demonstrates age appropriate competency skills and knowledge, ability to perform skills specific to patient population identified in unit specific skill list. Ages of patients served in office include infant, child, adolescent, adult and geriatric.
Must have good verbal and written communication skills.
Must demonstrate ability to work in a fast paced environment.
Must demonstrate ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail.
Must demonstrate ability to interact efficiently and in a supportive manner with persons of all backgrounds.
Must demonstrate excellent telephone skills and etiquette.
Proficient computer skills.

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