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Texmo Precision Castings

Plant Controller

Plant Controller

We are looking for a plant controller who will be responsible for managing the financial operations of our organization. Their role will include providing financial analysis and reporting and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. Texmo Precision Castings is a global company supplying investment castings across the world. Our site in Warsaw Indiana has had significant growth and due to this we have identified a need to manage our finances directly from site rather than offsite, so we can closely monitor the activities

Essential Functions

Reasonable accommodations will be made if necessary to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

1. Financial Reporting: Responsible for preparing and presenting financial reports to management and other stakeholders. Analyse financial data, identify trends, and provide insights to help the company make informed decisions.
2. Budgeting and Forecasting: Develop budgets and forecasts for the company, monitor actual performance against them, and provide recommendations for improvements or adjustments.
3. Financial Compliance: Ensure that the company is compliant with all financial regulations and reporting requirements. Be familiar with tax laws, accounting standards, and other financial regulations that apply to the business.
4. Financial Analysis: Analyze financial data to identify areas of potential improvement and provide recommendations for increasing profitability and reducing costs.
5. Cash Management: Responsible for managing the company’s cash flow, including forecasting cash requirements and developing strategies to ensure that the company has sufficient liquidity.
6. Internal Controls: Responsible for implementing internal controls to safeguard the company’s assets and ensure the accuracy of financial data.
a) review of sales order book & tracking of sales returns and initiating appropriate action
b) manufacturing – checking bill of materials and job standards accuracy
c) purchases – monitoring and controlling purchases, review capex – payback and IRRs.
d) cost controls – monitor actuals and compare with budget, trend with previous years
e) inventory accuracy – ensure book stock vs physical stock accuracy
f) receivables – credit control
7. Product Costing: Responsible to work out inputs required for accurate costing – machine hour rates, review and updating of standard parameters in costing system.

• Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance (Essential)
• 5+ years of Accounting & Finance experience (Preferred)
• Advance skills in Excel spreadsheets
• Strong cost accounting, cost-benefit analysis and end-to-end financial analysis
• Strong knowledge of internal controls & US GAAP accounting procedures
• Critical thinking
• Experience working in a manufacturing environment (Preferred)
• Good communication skills
• “Must have valid US Visa allowing to work in the United States.”

Texmo Precision Castings
Job Title
Plant Controller
Positions Available
Starting at $95,000.00

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