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Ground Breaking

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Last week, I shared an example of our work to make connections between Kosciusko County and other markets. We are also working to build a portfolio of ground breaking projects that will make our community even more attractive for individuals and businesses alike.

One such project is reopening the Stonehenge Golf Course in Winona Lake. As you may know, KEDCo is involved in this exciting and admittedly outside the box transaction, which is a partnership between KEDCo, the Town of Winona Lake, and at least four other entities.

We are not yet able to share full details of the project, yet I want to make clear that KEDCo is not putting up the funding to acquire the property, nor are we operating the golf course. This is another example of “ship building,” in that we are building partnerships to solve problems in the community!

We will be looking for other transformative projects to get involved with in the months ahead. Drop me a line if you have suggestions. As in the Stonehenge example, there are often individuals or organizations willing to participate in specific roles, and we can provide the glue to help the project stick together.

– Alan Tio