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Teaching an old dog new tricks

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl

Today finds me completing another ‘trip around the sun,’ so to speak, which provides an occasion to consider opportunities for future growth and development.

With that in mind, I just began a MiniMBA program offered by my alma mater Miami University to alumni, which began with a course on entrepreneurship and innovation and discussion about the entrepreneurial mindset, which is something we can all learn about and cultivate.

I particularly enjoyed the explanation of the five principles of effectuation, which include ‘the bird in hand’ principle of starting with the resources you already have, rather than looking for all the resources you you think you might need.

This idea of starting with the means and not the ends is so important to our work in economic development, provides context to the position of strength our community starts from (which I have referred to in the past), and should motivate us to pursue achieving more, together.

One more thing, the ‘lemonade’ principle means that even when we don’t have all the answers, and some of the things we try don’t work out, they are not dead ends. Unexpected outcomes can provide starting points to create things that are totally different and more valuable.

We took a pause in the CEO Message to send an email appeal asking for your help with the recognition programs we are launching and encouraging everyone to RSVP for our upcoming annual meeting. Details about how to participate in our annual meeting are included below.

– Alan Tio