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The Road Ahead

Monday, September 16, 2019

This week marks one-year of our team leading economic development efforts in Kosciusko County. We are so pleased with the momentum that is being generated by our new mission to convene, build, and show our community’s growth resources. Let me share a few examples to illustrate:

First, today and tomorrow we will host more than thirty business and community leaders from five Midwest communities for the first-ever Small Cities, Big Futures Summit. We are gathering to share best practices, develop solutions and build partnerships among similar communities.

Next, three of our team members will attend the Forbes AgTech Summit in Indianapolis on Wednesday and Thursday. This outreach highlights our work to build partnerships that promote our thriving agribusiness sector. We have such a great story to share about starting or growing a business here, not to mention working with any of the industry-leading firms already based here.

Finally, we will host representatives of three companies interested in learning more about our community for visits to Kosciusko County later this week. One of the most rewarding experiences in economic development is welcoming guests to the community to meet local contacts and explore how we can work together, sometimes from across great distances.

Our team is excited about the road ahead and appreciative of how so many local leaders are contributing to our economic development efforts. One event that we cannot attend this week is a public meeting about options to upgrade US Highway 30, which will take place at 7:00pm on Wednesday, September 18th at Lincoln Elementary School in Warsaw. Please attend if you can!

– Alan Tio