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You said things would slow down

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A number of years ago, I welcomed a new team member into an economic organization in mid spring. I actually remember the start date, it was March 14th. I’m always careful to point out that we work in a dynamic environment and there’s typically a lot of activity. In this case I provided a caveat, “things usually slow down in the summer.”

Of course, it wasn’t meant to be. As we built that team and added more capabilities, we found more to do and summer stayed busy. So it is now with our new economic development team in Kosciusko County. We are building our team, finding new problems to solve, and working getting more done every day.

This month we are reaching out to public and private sector partners to ask for your support of our efforts. The investments you are making provide the rocket fuel to our work to build the community’s economic growth resources. As you may have heard me say, “if it doesn’t get staffed, it doesn’t get done,” and there is so much wanting to be done.

It’s an exciting time to be doing this work in Kosciusko County. The momentum continues to build in all corners of our community. Consider recent announcements about a trail expansion in Syracuse, a successful capital campaign at Grace College in Winona lake, a grant to promote redevelopment in Warsaw, and the launch of a countywide housing study.

We have our part to play. I no longer pledge that things will ever slow down. In fast, you will continue to see us taking on more problems to solve and increasing our impact in the community as we put to work the resources our public and private sector investors make available.

– Alan Tio