Warsaw Technology Park

Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation is the non-profit full-service economic development organization serving Kosciusko County. It is supported by the County of Kosciusko, City of Warsaw, towns of the County and private sector members. Led by an experienced staff, the organization is covered by a board of directors that emphasizes a collaborative community approach to economic development.

Kosciusko County is located in Northern Indiana. Centrally located in the Midwest, it is linked to an extensive interstate system by four-lane US 30. Its transportation network also includes service by three railroads and mainline east-west, north-south rail.

Located in a strong agricultural production area, it has changed significantly and is noted for state-of-the art innovation and technology in its farming, ag processing and ag equipment industries. What hasn’t changed is the rural work ethic of its workforce and a common-sense problem-solving approach to business.

This approach has created a spirit of enterprise unique for a county of its size. Invention, innovation and entrepreneurship are the hallmarks of the County’s business leadership and are celebrated with the inauguration of the Kosciusko County Innovation and Entrepreneurial Hall of fame.

It was this invention-innovation-entrepreneurship that has made Kosciusko County the orthopedic capital of the world.  Nearly one-third of the $38 billion global orthopedic industry is headquartered in the County.

State of the art also means globally connected. The County is home to numerous foreign corporations and its companies have operations across the globe. It also means having educational institutions that strive for constant improvement with relevant curriculum and degrees for today’s economic environment.

But a place is really defined by its people. Kosciusko County is home to a tradition of caring people, lack of crime and neighborhoods that have neighbors. Local government is committed to high levels of service and low levels of taxes. It is a special, unique place to live, work and locate a business. We hope you will take the time to learn more about the opportunities for success and profitability in Kosciusko County, Indiana.

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