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On assignment

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

“Remember, we have no enemies, only opponents.” – Ronald Reagan

While searching online for the above phrase from President Reagan, I came across a speech from then-Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels that I remember watching live on television nearly a decade ago.

This line from Daniels’ speech (which is worth a read) is especially timely: “On election night, we remind each other that victory is not a vindication, it is an instruction, not an endorsement, but an assignment.”

Regardless of whether or not we are running for office, we all have an assignment, or mission, we are all at different places in our individual journeys, which rely so much on interacting with, learning from, and lifting up others.

There are nearly sixty days left in this calendar year, or about 15% of the year, including weekends and holidays. To borrow another phrase, we have time yet to use what we have and do what we can to make progress yet this year.

I’m certain everyone has already received enough reminders to vote. My reminder today is for each of us to consider the contributions we can make to our individual assignments. As Daniels reminds us, “great things are wanted to be done.”

– Alan Tio