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Kosciusko County Government

Executive Director - Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD)

Full-Time – 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday -Friday

• Supervise and direct assigned personnel which includes interviewing, hiring/termination decisions, planning, delegating, establishing performance goals, training, evaluations, providing corrective instruction and maintain discipline. Review staff timesheets and prepare time reports.
• Coordinate reviews and updates of agency business plans, plan of work and assigned related tasks.
• Serve as SWCD liaison to local, state, and federal farm bill, state programs, meeting technical specifications, federal/state deadlines.
• Serve as grant writer and administrator. Supervise staff for implementation. Track progress on grant projects ensuring tasks are completed and documented, and reports are submitted in timely manner. Prepare financial reports for grants, contracts, and agreements.
• Provide program assistance and information as needed to county, state, and federal partners for collaborative projects.
• Administer annual state Clean Water Indiana (CWI) grant for district operations, as well as CWI training support program for SWCD supervisor training.
• Maintain Share Point entries documenting program assistance for state analysis and other required district information, ensuring they are current and accurate.
• Complete and submit forms required by Indiana district law for state analysis including but not limited to, supervisor election and appointment forms, delegate forms, and annual meeting forms.
• Serve as the department Chief Financial/Fiscal Officer.
• Perform department bookkeeping and computerized accounting operations, including entering information in ledgers, preparing bank deposits, writing receipts, and paying claims.
• Monitor department investments, certificates of deposits, saving plan, and checking account. Prepare year-end reconciliation of bank statements and financial reports for Indiana State Board of Accounts and SWCD board meetings.
• Prepare quarterly tax reports for supervisors and monthly sale tax reports.
• Develop budgets for operating special emphasis projects and grants.
• Coordinate the preparation of the annual county budget for SWCD.
• Working knowledge and/or ability to make practical application of agriculture, natural resources, and local, state, and federal conservation laws and guidelines.

• Bachelor degree in business, agriculture, natural resource management or closely related field, or equivalent combination of education and previous related experience is required.
• Ability to meet all employer and department hiring requirements, including passage of a drug test.
• Ability to pass federal USDA background check to receive authorities, access to federal computers, USDA programs, and communications.
• Ability to attain E Authorization certification form USDA to assist with programs.
• Ability to pass state training certification and follow state protocols for workplace harassment.
• Ability to pass federal training certification and follow federal protocols for protection of federal program information.

Kosciusko County Government
Job Title
Executive Director - Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD)
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