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Kosciusko County

Truck Driver/Laborer - Highway

Full Time – 40 hours – 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Monday – Friday)


Serve as Truck Driver for the Kosciusko County Highway Department and responsible for driving various trucks and equipment in clearing and maintaining County roads and rights-of-way.
Operate various trucks and equipment including dump trucks, pay loaders, front-end loader, pugmills, chippers, excavators, graders, snow plows, pavers, power brooms compaction rollers and pavement recyclers.
Haul and spread road materials, including gravel, sand, top dirt, asphalt and salt.
Install/remove permanent and emergency road signs and install pavement and railroad crossing markings.
Perform preventive maintenance on trucks and equipment, including washing, maintaining fluid levels, lubricating, changing oil and tires and records on maintenance log as required.
Operate chain saws, mowers and chippers in removing weeds, brush and storm-damaged trees from rights-of-way, including road sides, culverts, guard rails and bridges.
Lift and load pipes and guard rails, shoveling and spreading road patching materials and picking up trash.
Periodically operate semi/trailer to haul heavy equipment to/from work sites.
Periodically assist with flagging/traffic control at work sites, and assist in excavating ditch/drainage sites and installing and repairing tile and culverts as needed.
Serve on 24-hour call for emergency situations.

High School diploma/GED
Must be a least 18 years of age
Ability to meet all employer and Department hiring and retention requirements, including passage of a drug test, medical exam and not posing a direct threat to the health and safety of others in the workplace.
Working knowledge of and ability to make practical application of safety policies and procedures and properly operate trucks and related equipment and tools.
Working knowledge of and ability to physically and safely perform assigned duties which may involve sitting and/or standing/walking for long periods, heavy lifting, carrying and pushing/pulling objects, reaching, bending and grasping objects.
Possession of a valid Indiana driver’s license and a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or the ability to obtain one and demonstrated safe driving record.

Kosciusko County
Job Title
Truck Driver/Laborer - Highway
Positions Available
Starting Wage: $18.68

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