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Connection Making

Monday, May 20, 2019

Last week, I made the first of what should be many trips to the Boston area in order to begin making connections in the medical device sector. I could use any number of superlatives or data points to help explain, but simply put Boston is among the 2-3 leading biotech hubs in the United States. My impression from this initial trip is there will be plenty of opportunities for us to make lasting there connections going forward.

In a 24-hour visit, I was able to meet with leaders of an impressive SaaS company based near Boston that has an office in Warsaw; hear a pitch from a high-growth startup that counts among its advisors a Warsaw area contact, and connect with leaders of multiple companies with Warsaw area connections participating in a tradeshow adjacent to an event I attended.

“Quote of the day” from a visit to a prominent medical device incubator in the Boston region: “We are ship builders. As in, partnerships.” Drop me a line if you have suggestions on other connections we can make in the Boston area. We have much to share about the medical device sector in our community!

– Alan Tio