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Hello Neighbor

Monday, May 13, 2019

Our partners at Orthoworx are leading a community welcomeness study that wraps up later this week. The study is one example of local organizations working to learn from people who live or work in Kosciusko County about how we can build on our community’s strengths and stand-out as a destination for talent attraction. If you have not yet completed the survey, please invest the time to do so at the start of the week. You can find the survey at the link HERE.

We have all heard the phrase “Hoosier Hospitality,” yet what about the saying that “Humble Hoosiers” are loathe to speak up for fear of coming across as boastful or bragging. To borrow another phrase, in economic development “everybody sells,” so we all have a role to play in how we communicate what this area means to us. Doing so means sharing real stories about the people, places, organizations, and events that make Kosciusko County special to us.

One example: in the 6+ months since we moved to this area, it has been such a treat to experience the restaurants found in every corner of the county… places like Cerulean, HopLore, Oak & Alley, Odd Fellows, OrthoCity, The Pier & Back Porch, Rua, and Sleepy Owl have helped to make this community feel like “home.” And thanks to our award-winning Visitors Guide (available HERE), I know there are SO many more places to experience this summer!

So what stories do you share about our community? And how can you help others to improve their experiences here? Let’s be sure to actively share our Hoosier Hospitality with friends, guests, and strangers alike. Whether it’s sharing a restaurant recommendation or answering the question, “how was your weekend,” there is so much to share, and so much to learn from others, about what makes Kosciusko County a unique place to live, work, and visit!

– Alan Tio