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Guest Column from KEDCo Intern Hermela Mebrahtu

Monday, August 5, 2019

It’s hard to believe my internship at KEDCo has come to an end. As an Economics major, I was unsure how the abstract theories we discuss in the classroom would translate to an economic development organization. The scope was more diverse than I thought possible. At KEDCo I was part of a team aimed at accelerating economic growth in a multitude of ways throughout Kosciusko County. Projects underway include housing, redevelopment, agribusiness, encouraging startups, and helping existing businesses flourish in the county.

I was in awe of how many initiatives and projects the organization undertook and executed. The projects I took part in included social media, property research, market research and developing concierge services. The work experience I was able to gain has been unique and invaluable. I have been able to develop my professional communication skills, interact with business and community leaders, hone my research skills, and learn from the very talented KEDCo team.

During my summer in Warsaw, I met incredible people and experienced picturesque scenery that has endeared me to the county. Helping to provide the foundational research to advance KEDCo’s mission became a passion project. The dedicated and collaborative effort of co-workers and community stakeholders made my internship particularly enjoyable. Armed with its new mission KEDCo is building capacity to bring about growth and sustainability in the county!

– Hermela Mebrahtu