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Ready to Grow Again?

Monday, July 29, 2019

While listening to the Marketpace radio program on Friday evening, what caught my attention in the report on the estimated growth of the US economy during the second quarter was mention that business investment has not kept up with consumer spending.

Our new model at KEDCo is built on an appreciation that business decision makers can feel unsure of how to pursue growth initiatives or about whether to disrupt the status quo, especially when there is so much to be done as it is!

Our team at KEDCo works to understand the specific needs and interests of business owners and leaders, and to show how to leverage our economic growth resources. If we are successful, then we are recognized as trusted advisers whom our clients call on early and often.

So are you ready to grow your business? Or have you heard from someone recently who is considering doing so? Here are a few ways we can work together to get started:

First, drop us a line to schedule a 30-minute meeting. We ask for 30-minute meetings out of recognition that much can be accomplished in a focused 30-minute conversation (not to mention we’re all busy!).

Next, complete our 3-question needs assessment survey to help us understand how companies are working on important issues such as talent recruitment.

Finally, RSVP to join us at 10 AM on Wednesday, August 7th for an informational session about a menu of concierge services we are developing to support our clients’ talent recruitment efforts.

The more we work with business and community leaders to grow and prosper, the more likely it is for ideas, talent, and capital to produce the best that our community has to offer.

– Alan Tio