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KEDCO on the move

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

“You can either be the leader or the limiter in your business. As the leader you set the pace. Your company will not grow, cannot grow, unless YOU grow.” – Michael Hyatt

KEDCO is literally on the move today as we relocate to the OrthoWorx offices in Warsaw City Hall. This move is a number of months in the making and is an important milestone in our organization’s continued evolution.

Our team is excited about the opportunities ahead to collaborate with the OrthoWorx team on entrepreneurship and innovation, talent recruitment and retention, and other community development initiatives.

As we packed up the office, our team came across files from years ago that described outreach we may bring back in the future, such as:

  • Annual recognition for companies that invest in Kosciusko County
  • Semi-annual business tune-up workshops in many of our communities
  • Workshops to introduce incentive tools and government contracting opportunities

KEDCO is also ‘on the move’ as we expand our outreach to local businesses, which is how we identify opportunities to support business builders navigating growth opportunities and overcoming obstacles.

– Alan Tio