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KEDCO relaunch continues with office relocation

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

WARSAW, Ind. (July 21, 2020) – The Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) today announced the relocation of its offices to Warsaw City Hall, 102 S Buffalo Street, where the organization will share space with OrthoWorx, a community-based initiative that works to ensure the Warsaw region’s position as The Orthopedic Capital of the World.®

“I am excited about the progress we are making with our new business model to convene, build, and show our community’s ideas, talent, and capital,” said KEDCO CEO Alan Tio, “This new location helps us to be flexible, nimble, and responsive to the needs of business clients and community partners.”

Since the organization’s 2019 strategic relaunch, KEDCO has developed numerous programs and services to promote the startup and growth of new ventures, as well as a menu of services to support talent recruitment and retention, that serve the orthopedic sector.

KEDCO is also leading initiatives focused on community development and housing development, while also supporting business clients at every stage of business with access to a toolbox of economic development partners and resources.   

“We continue to build our team at KEDCO to be able to help our clients access the right resources at the right time,” Tio continued, “We often say that we will become known for the problems we solve and I am pleased with the momentum we are quickly building.”

In addition to working with partners like OrthoWorx in support of the orthopedic sector, KEDCO maintains a strong focus on the agribusiness sector, as represented by the organization’s board-level participation in AgriNovus Indiana and convening of agribusiness and medical device roundtables.

Want to stay connected with KEDCO? Find KEDCO on social media @Kosciuskoedc. Contact KEDCO at or 574-306-4119.

Media Contact:
Alan Tio: 574-265-2601 or 574-221-0367

About KEDCO:
Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) was formed in 1984 as Kosciusko Development, Inc. to promote economic and community development throughout Kosciusko County. KEDCO is the economic development corporation serving Kosciusko County and all the municipalities therein. Our mission is to convene, build, and show our community’s talent, ideas, and capital. For more information, visit