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KEDCO Talent & Entrepreneurship Stories: Podcast invites listeners into the ‘Clearly Kosciusko’ story

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Clearly Kosciusko tells a story of unity. And whether you know it or not, you are likely already a part of it. It’s a community-wide voice and brand created in partnership between the Kosciusko County Convention and Visitors Bureau (KCCVB), Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce, Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO), and Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams (Lilly Center). Each of these organizations work uniquely to promote the county and highlight what makes our community special.

If you live, work or adventure here in Kosciusko County, you’re contributing to this story. And that’s because Clearly Kosciusko is a collection of stories from all of us. It’s how we experience and share with the rest of the world, what it’s like to “do life” in K-County.

“Clearly Kosciusko is a way to connect all of us and share our unique stories and experiences with a unified and amplified voice,” said KEDCO CEO Alan Tio. “And the Clearly Kosciusko Podcast is one way we’re amplifying that voice.”

A community-focused podcast

The Clearly Kosciusko Podcast is powered by KEDCO and DreamOn Studios, a community-driven video production company based in Warsaw, in partnership with Tippy River Adventures and Visit Kosciusko County (KCCVB). Tippy River Adventures is a local kayak and canoe livery on the Tippecanoe River, owned in partnership by podcast co-hosts Ryan Martin and Jody Claypool.

“We’re grateful for these partnerships. DreamOn Studios has a production studio unlike anything else in the area,” said Tio. “And Tippy River Adventures and Visit Kosciusko County highlight such special features of our community. We appreciate their support as we evolve and grow the podcast together, and we look forward to hopefully building new partnerships along the way.”

Who is sharing the stories?

The podcast features guests from different backgrounds and walks of life, all with unique career and personal experiences. And each of them has a special connection to Kosciusko County. Whether they have roots here, journeyed to the community later in life, started a business, or are a part of our strong workforce, the podcast is a collection of diverse stories with the common denominator being K-County.

“If you haven’t had a chance to tune in yet this year, we’re sharing several series of episodes focused on specific tops such as entrepreneurship and advice and tools for starting a business here, how our community and employers are investing in talent, and KCCVB Executive Director Cori Humes will help

co-host a series geared toward visitors, focused on hospitality,” said Tio. “With this approach, we hope listeners can more easily find and tune in to what they’re seeking.”

The “Building an Entrepreneurial Community” series of the Clearly Kosciusko Podcast will wrap up in early March, and the “Investing in Talent” series will follow with a kick-off later in the month.  

“The Clearly Kosciusko Podcast is a great resource for someone considering visiting or moving to Kosciusko County, and it’s also valuable for someone who lives here and wants to learn more about people, career opportunities, places to see and things to do, and how others around them are choosing to experience the community,” said Humes. “Sure, you can learn about the community from friends, family and people you already know, but when listen to the podcast you’re likely to catch some new ideas from folks who may not be in your ’circle’ regularly.”

Ways you can share the Clearly Kosciusko story

Along with tuning in and sharing the podcast with others, all are invited to share visual stories about living life in Kosciusko County simply by using the hashtag #clearlykc.Use this hashtag on social mediaas a way to positively promote Kosciusko County, and share how you experience life here. Whether you capture a concert in the park, fun on the lake, or a hike on the trails, using the hashtag #clearlykc helps unify these stories, and your photos may even get featured on the homepage of the Clearly Kosciusko website! Visit to learn more and check out featured photos.

Businesses can also get involved by becoming members of Clearly Kosciusko. It’s FREE to join. It provides an opportunity for local businesses to come together and show they actively support the positive promotion, success, and well-being of our community.

Check out a glimpse of DreamOn Studios, and the podcast “in action” in this video from DreamOn. Learn more about Clearly Kosciusko at or on social media @clearlykc. Tune in to the Clearly Kosciusko Podcast at or by finding Clearly Kosciusko on your favorite streaming platform: Apple, Audible, Podbean and Spotify.

Podcast co-hosts Jody Claypool and Ryan Martin (L to R) chat with guest, Tim Early.
The upcoming episode with Tim is part of the “Investing in Talent” series, and will air in March.