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Kosciusko County – The official ‘happy place’ for an unofficial foodie

Friday, June 23, 2023

By: Ashley Bishop, KEDCO Intern

This story is part of a summer blog series focused on experiences in Kosciusko County through the lens of KEDCO Communications Intern, Ashley Bishop. As a K-County native and senior at Butler University, Ashley shares her inside scoop on things to do and places to see, as a 20-something living life fully in Kosciusko County.

I’d like to think of myself as an unofficial foodie. I love making food, I love trying new types of food, and I just love food. 

Kosciusko County is home to so many amazing restaurants. I especially appreciate that a number of our restaurants are not chains. With many “mom and pop” locations throughout the county, there are ample opportunities to support local people in the community. 

As mentioned in my last blog post, I have a love for a restaurant in Syracuse called Kiyomi Japanese Cuisine. I recently visited––and it had been a little while. Let me tell you, it was just as good as I remembered! This local spot offers amazing sushi, bento boxes, and appetizers. 

Every time I go, I have to start with a warm bowl of their miso soup. I typically go for the  and pair it with the Godzilla roll. I strayed from my norm this last trip and got their spicy tuna roll in place of the Godzilla.

(Top) black dragon roll (bottom) spicy tuna roll from Kiyomi Japanese Cuisine.

Another gem that I love is Three Crowns Coffee by Center Lake in Warsaw. They have fantastic coffee along with a variety of unique soda flavors. Something that has somewhat become a trademark of the shop is their homemade ramen. I’m a  ramen fanatic and their ramen is definitely top notch. My order is always the Swedish latte with one of their ramen bowls. And they have breakfast options like bagels, if you’re seeking a grab-and-go with your coffee.

Three crowns brews light roast coffee and focuses on pour over brews. They strongly believe in the idea that those who say they don’t like coffee simply haven’t had good coffee! 

Ramen from  Three Crowns Coffee. Photo credit: Three Crowns.

If there’s one thing I am…I am  a Mexican food fan. Not an American-style taco with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese fan, but cilantro and onion. The place in Warsaw I frequent to fulfill my cravings for Mexican food is Taqueria el Comal. Now, some people get burritos, quesadillas, or other popular choices, but I MUST get tacos when I visit. This paired with horchata is *chef’s kiss*. They also have fantastic hot sauces and salsa to pair with their food. I must say, I am a big fan. 

Steak tacos from Taqueria el Comal

Ashley’s Honorable Mentions:

Tacos Jalisco

The River Coffeehouse

Cerulean Restaurant

Lightrail Roaster

Biryani Kitchen

Top Thai

Want to explore other restaurants around Kosciusko County? Find more spots to “Sip and Savor” and even try the “Sip & Savor” Passports from the Kosciusko County Convention & Visitors Bureau.