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Update on first KEDCO Agribusiness Roundtable of 2021

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

KEDCO hosted its first Agribusiness Roundtable of 2021 in conjunction with Kosciusko County Farm Bureau on February 15 via Zoom. Pre-COVID, KEDCO hosted in-person roundtables which have transitioned to virtual gatherings for the present time.

Roundtable attendees had a lively discussion regarding the need for continued support in the local community for livestock production and feeding. Expansions in these areas will further strengthen the growth and expansion of the service industry, as well as strengthen the local tax base. Additionally, attendees discussed the need for and desire to cultivate ag tech in the local community.

The need for more housing in the community is apparent. There’s a shared desire for housing to be further developed in a neighborly manner that doesn’t disrupt the progress and impact the agriculture community is making.

There was also discussion regarding sustainability, small market/niche market agriculture, farmers markets, the need for more childcare as a rural community, and access to venture capital for starting and growing businesses.

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