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Going back to school

Monday, August 17, 2020

“You don’t have to see the end from the beginning. All you have to see is the next step.” – Michael Hyatt

For the Tio family, today is the last day of summer before the kiddos go back to school tomorrow. As with so much else, the start of school feels different this year and no doubt our students will have many stories to share about how their school experiences are different this year.

Regardless of how we feel about schools reopening, I believe it is important that we are ‘all in’ on supporting our students, educators, and communities as we take the next steps with schools reopening. Cliches become that way because they are true: we each have a part to plan and we are all in this together.

This seems like a good opportunity to check in with our team members about their experiences preparing their students for ‘back to school.’ We may find that our colleagues are experiencing new questions that we could help them address, challenges that we could help them navigate, or uncertainties that we can help them overcome.

Leaders can include themselves and their peers in this discussion, as well. My intuition is that leaders feel they should be able to figure things out on their own, but sometimes the ‘next step’ is being open to ask for help.

– Alan Tio