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Next play mentality

Monday, August 10, 2020

“Something undesirable happened? Make the best move under the current circumstances rather than wishing to return to the previous circumstances. “Next Play” mentality.” – James Clear

This quote from James Clear came across my Twitter feed recently and it could not have come at a better time. I missed sending the CEO Message last week, which really bothered me at first, but also gave me time to reflect on some of the ‘next plays’ we have been running at KEDCO.

First, acknowledging that we need to regain momentum with our agribusiness initiative and expand our ongoing outreach to local business decision makers, we have recently added Ryan Martin as our Agribusiness Partner and Greg Fitzloff as our Business Development Partner. Please reach out to Ryan or Greg to connect with them.

Next, in recognition of the important role our Agribusiness Roundtable plays in convening agribusiness leaders in our area, we are again hosting a virtual session this week in order to introduce local contacts to economic development thought leaders with the Wabash Heartland Innovation Network.

Finally, we are building an advisory team to help us continue to improve upon the Outside the Fishbowl series. Details about this week’s outdoors session are below. Drop me a line if you are interested in working with us to grow this important outreach, which is an important component of our talent recruitment and retention efforts.

Each of these updates represents changes from our initial plans as we continue to adapt to the opportunities we have available and the needs we see in the community. As I have written before in this note, our team at KEDCO continues to embrace a ‘go forward’ mindset!

– Alan Tio